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Payment Plan Signature Hotel Murree

The Signature Hotel Murree payment plan is in the affordable range. Plus, it has an easy 4-year Installment plan. So, it could ease the buyers. The rates are different for each unit. Also, buyers can ask us about the details.
• The rate/sqft for Executive suites is Rs 33,000/-
• The rate/sqft for Presidential suites is Rs 50,000/-

Payment Plan Signature Hotel Islamabad

The Signature Hotel Islamabad payment plan is within the budget of the buyers. Plus, it offers easy 4-year Installments. So, buyers can invest here without any tension. The prices of each unit are different. Also, buyers can Call us to know about the details. We are here to help.
• The executive suite price is Rs 33,000 / Sqft
• Presidential Suite price is Rs 44,000 / Sqft
• The Presidential Suite Pulse price is Rs 60,000 / Sqft
• Business Center price is Rs 60,000 / Sqft
• The hotel Shops price is Rs 85,000 / Sqft

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